The Ultimate Solution for Sourcer & Buyer – to find lawn gardening tools manufacturers suppliers in Taiwan much easier than ever!


We believe that you must have ever bumped into following problems while you are doing your job as an international sourcer/buyer, do you?
  1. Tons of B2B accounts: You need multiple B2B website accounts to maximize opportunity of finding target products (Hedge & Grass Shears, Hoes, Trowels, Garden Tool Variety Packs, Loppers, Pruners, Rakes, Tillers & Cultivators, Forks, Spreaders, & Sprayers), however, it most likely turned out that you mess up certain data after you found thousands of infor. or get duplicate ones which are posted by same supplier but in different B2B websites.
  2. Useless data: Spend bunch of time on Google, Yahoo, or whatever searching engine you love to search target products, but most of time you could not get MOQ, payment terms, lead time, price and all those information simultaneously.
  3. Inquiries: Fortunately, you found 10 good suppliers via different B2B websites, but here comes the lousy part, it means you have to run the inquiry process by using different B2B platforms multiple times.
  4. Forms & Tables: Hurray! You have received all quotes from suppliers! But, your nightmare has just begun! You are now looking at all different kind of quotes with different formats, tables, and so on, which means to organize tons of infor. will always be your destiny. Also, if given infor. are not completed, you have to contact suppliers again and again till they get things right.Scam!: Eventually, you decided to do business with 1 of them, but somehow you do not even realize that you are actually buying stone instead of your target products – you will never know whether this transaction is fraud or not before you physically open the container.
  5. English please!: The most terrible part – Taiwanese’s English makes you crazy all the time? Dozens of our clients keep complaining about this when they are trying to search MIT (made in Taiwan) products no matter via google or yahoo, they can barely dig out all potential suppliers and products by using English keywords, since this is all about the way that Taiwanese use English is not the way you used to go. Hence, stop wasting your time, we will take care of this – especially we speak fluent Chinese, Taiwanese and English.

We are going to help you out of this for FREE! 

Arbrook Int’l Trading Inc. – The Ultimate Solution for International Sourcer/Buyer!
Rockefeller Center

629 Sec.1, Chongde Rd, Suite 2, 19th Floor, North Dist., Taichung 40452, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Phone: +886-3-577-0675

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