Are you tired of doing this job? lawn gardening tools -> suppliers -> quotes -> go crazy!



Free service? This is madness!

The best than ever solutions help you doing your job easily, free of charge guaranteed! Wait a minute! You might have a huge question mark popped out if you still have any conscience – where do these guys make money from?
This is how it works, you outsource your job to us, we take care of every lousy works for you. You play pretty much like a BOSS to us, but, the best part is, IT IS FREE!
All you have to do is, once you have reviewed all information which we reported to you, and found the perfect match suppliers, you then place orders towards us. This is exactly a WIN WIN WIN case – you did a great & easy job, your boss is happy, and we got business.


  1. Products hunting.

    We go either way according to your requests – spotting designated products for you, or you pick up what you need from a candidate products list we provided.

  2. Suppliers screening.

    A qualified supplier is mandatory to fulfill all the conditions you set, such as capital, # of employees, year of foundation, production capacity, reputation, certificates (ISO, SGS, CE, …), financial status, and so on.

  3. Factory tour.

    It can be scheduled, or we can do this for you by providing you a report which includes pictures of production lines, employees, management, or anything you required – you surely can cut the budget for business trip that way.

  4. Urgent case.

    We will be more than happy to save you when it is really urgent, free of charge!

  5. The same page.

    We will organize all suppliers’ information into your table using your format, so you are able to use them immediately at the time you received.

  6. Fire and Forget – You raise hand up, we take over, WIN WIN WIN – this is just like that simple!

garden, lawn, landscape, watering, irriagation, garden hose, hose reel cart, watering timer, sprinkler, fire nozzle, grass shears, hand trowel, tiller, cultivator, fork, hoes, rakes, axe, shovel, saw, mattock, bypass lopper, bypass pruner, greenhouse, fence, border stone edging, spreader, sprayer

Arbrook Int’l Trading Inc. – The Ultimate Solution for International Sourcer/Buyer!

Rockefeller Center

629 Sec.1, Chongde Rd, Suite 2, 19th Floor, North Dist., Taichung 40452, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Phone: +886-3-577-0675


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