Gardentool – 2014 | International Specialized Trade Fair for Garden Tools and Equipment

Gardentool is a unique specialized trade fair of tools and equipment for ground-maintenance of gardens and parks. Since 2007 Gardentool has annually been a meeting place for the leading producers and suppliers of tools, techniques and equipment for landscaping, wholesalers and retailers, chain and specialized stores, landscaping plants, garden and landscaping centers, nursery gardens. The visitors of the exhibition have a unique opportunity to establish direct business contacts to producers, learn about novelties firsthand and get the best price offers on supplies for the coming spring-summer season.

garden, lawn, landscape, watering, irriagation, garden hose, hose reel cart, watering timer, sprinkler, fire nozzle, grass shears, hand trowel, tiller, cultivator, fork, hoes, rakes, axe, shovel, saw, mattock, bypass lopper, bypass pruner, greenhouse, fence, border stone edging, spreader, sprayer

Arbrook Int’l Trading Inc. – The Ultimate Solution for International Sourcer/Buyer!

Rockefeller Center

629 Sec.1, Chongde Rd, Suite 2, 19th Floor, North Dist., Taichung 40452, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Phone: +886-3-577-0675


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